Why should I buy a Led Mirror?

The LED Mirror is the next generation of Mirror and Lighting integration. It can eliminate the need for wall lighting usually found above traditional mirrors and create a more clean and modern look to any bathroom.

Will it be the only source of light in a bathroom?

No. We do not recommend using a LED Mirror as the only source of light in a bathroom. 
We recommend having overhead lighting in addition to Lighted Mirrors to create ideal conditions.

Can your mirrors be installed vertically or horizontally?

Yes. All our mirrors can be installed vertical or horizontal. Make sure to pay attention to the dimensions. 
Also note that the IR Sensor will rotate as well – according to position of the mirror.

Can I install my mirror in a walk-in closet? 

Yes you can! You can install the mirror in the bathroom, walk-in closet, above a bedroom dresser, hallway, in an office setting, hair salon, and restaurant or retail store. Many ways you can implement an LED Mirror in your home or business.

Are your mirrors in stock?

Most of the mirrors are in stock. For unavailable styles, please fill a request form and we will answer you with a delivery date.

How does the Anti-Fog (Demister Pad) system work?

The anti-fog (demister pad) works automatically when the LEDs are turned on. 
The front of the mirror will heat up and takes the fog off the mirror.


Where can I see and purchase my mirror?

You can purchase LED mirrors on our website www.parismirror.com

What is dispatch time frame?

All mirrors are shipped within 2 business days of order date.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping takes 1-5 open days for delivery in North America.

Can I track my mirror ?

Yes, once shipped and processed – you can track your order on-line with the tracking number emailed to you.

Do u have international Shipping outside Canada and the U.S ?

International shipping outside North America is available, shipping charges will apply. Please contact us directly.


Can I install my mirror without a technician ?

Yes, you can. We believe that using the manual provided with the mirror is enough for you to install the mirror easily without the need of using a technician services.
But it's safer if you use an electrician.

Is the Installation Manual provided with the mirror ?

Yes, the installation manual is provided and put inside the box, and explains clearly how to install the mirror.

Can the mirror be Installed horizontally as well as vertically ?

Yes, the mirror can be installed the way you want and according to your space.

How does the On/Off Switch works ?

Touching the IR Sensor switch is enough to turn the lights on and off.

Where is the On/Off Switch located ?

 The IR Switch is normally located on the right side, however if you rotate the mirror , the switch will move accordingly.


What is your warranty? What does it cover?

All our LED Mirrors are guaranteed 5 years unquestionably and exchanged the next day for free if stock available. It covers the electric parts including all LED Bulbs.

What if I receive a damaged mirror?

If you receive a damaged mirror, please make a claim by email.
We require that you send us pictures of the damaged mirror. 
We need the following: 
1) one close-up picture of the damaged mirror
2) one picture of the whole mirror
2) one picture of the whole box mirror was packaged in. 
4) one close up picture of the shipping label.

Please email us with your pictures and order details to info@parismirror.com

What if a LED Bulb stops working?

A bulb replacement will be sent to you upon filling a request form or email us at info@parismirror.com

Is the mirror parts UL certified?

All electronic parts are UL certified for insurance coverage.

Can I return a mirror and get a refund?

If the mirror is not installed (still new and unmarked) and returned to us within 14 days, a full refund is possible. It should be returned with the original box, packaging and accessories.  Return Shipping is not refundable. Please contact us direct prior to returning any mirror.

How long do LED lights last? Are they easily replaceable?

LED average life is 25 years or 120,000 hours. They are easily replaceable.